Pillars of Virtue

At Optima Classical Academy, we are dedicated to fostering not only academic excellence but also the development of strong character and ethical values that will guide our students throughout their lives. Our educational approach is built upon the pillars of virtue, each one serving as a foundation for personal growth, meaningful interactions, and a lasting positive impact on the world

Courage: I will do the right thing even when it’s unpopular or difficult.

Self-Government: I will use self control in my actions and my interactions with others.

Courtesy: I will be polite, use manners and maintain a positive attitude in all my daily interactions.

Service: I will seek to help others through my words and deeds.

Honesty: I will speak the truth and act truthfully with others and myself.

Responsibility: I will do my duty and accept the consequences of my actions.

Perseverance: I will be persistent in my efforts despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

At OCA, we believe that education is not only about acquiring knowledge, but also about fostering virtuous character. Our focus on these pillars of virtue ensures that every OCA graduate emerges as an individual of substance, armed with knowledge and an ethical compass to excel in an ever-evolving world. Join us in cultivating leaders, thinkers, and compassionate citizens through an education centered on timeless values.