Faculty and Staff

Imagine a school in which well-educated, articulate, and engaged teachers explicitly convey real knowledge to students using traditional teaching methods with the mission of training the minds and improving the hearts of young people through a rigorous, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences. Scholars receive instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue, in a culture that demands moral virtue, decorum, respect, discipline, and studiousness among students and faculty, where there is acknowledgement of objective standards of correctness, logic, beauty, weightiness, and truth intrinsic to the liberal arts. 

Meet the exceptional team dedicated to teaching your scholar(s):

Robert Cutrer

Robert Cutrer

Head of School

Robert has taught in Classical and university settings for the past 18 years, teaching English, Classical Greek, Latin, History, Logic, Old Norse, and Composition in seven countries. Robert has established and chaired Lincoln-Douglas debate teams, held the title of department chair for English and foreign languages, and participated as a key member of the founding the first Classical school in Toronto.