High School (9-12)

At Optima Classical Academy at Gladiolus, we are committed to providing a comprehensive, timely, and developmentally appropriate education that immerses our scholars in the timeless ideals and truths of the Western heritage. Our dedication extends beyond mere content delivery, as we take pride in nurturing a holistic understanding that embraces complete truths instead of diluted half-truths.

The 6th to 8th-grade years at OCAG mark a pivotal phase in our scholars’ academic journey. During this period, the focus shifts toward the foundations of oratory and argumentation, both through debates and essay writing. This skill set becomes a stepping stone for our high school scholars who are further challenged to articulate and defend their values and beliefs. By cultivating these capabilities, we instill critical thinking skills that transcend the classroom, fostering a lifelong thirst for knowledge and discovery.

Building upon the principles introduced in earlier grades, OCAG’s high school curriculum remains deeply rooted in virtue. Virtuous behavior is not just a concept but a practice woven into every online lesson. Our scholars learn self-governance, engage with moral philosophy from eminent thinkers, and explore the dimensions of virtue within a community context. This multifaceted approach equips them to become responsible, principled individuals who contribute positively to both their own lives and the world around them.

Exciting times are ahead as OCAG welcomes its inaugural high school class in Fall 2024, beginning with ninth-grade courses. As each year progresses, we will expand our offerings to encompass each subsequent grade up to twelfth grade. Students who complete their full high school journey with us in twelfth grade will earn a state-certified high school diploma from Optima Classical Academy at Gladiolus, a testament to their dedication and our commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching education.