Welcome to Optima Classical Academy at Gladiolus

Optima Classical Academy at Gladiolus (OCAG) is a TUITION-FREE public charter school. We offer an education unlike any other available to the children of Lee County. Our mission at Optima Classical Academy at Gladiolus is to train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

To accomplish this mission, we have returned to the time-tested methods of educating young minds. Our scholars read the greatest works of literature and poetry ever written—even committing many of those poems and passages to memory. Our scholars do the hard work of thinking about and discussing big ideas and important events. They diagram sentences. They explore the natural world through the rigorous study of science and mathematics. All of our scholars study Latin, learn to write in cursive, and understand the founding documents and principles of our country.

Optima Classical Academy at Gladiolus’ school culture is undergirded by our Pillars of Virtue: courage, honesty, perseverance, self-government, service, courtesy, and responsibility. Our scholars learn that a virtuous life is a happy and successful life. All the members of our faculty and staff are expected to model virtuous behavior in the classroom and out of it. Our scholars are held to a high standard academically and behaviorally.

Most importantly, at OCAG, we have a curriculum and school culture that embraces excellence, wonder, and joy. Every day in the classroom, excellence, wonder, and joy drives everything we do. Standardized tests do not drive the curriculum or determine what we teach. We aim to provide scholars with the tools necessary to be curious, creative, thoughtful, and engaged citizens who love learning for its own sake. As a result, scholars are equipped with the tools to be self-disciplined and intellectually competent, with strong moral character and civic responsibility.

I invite all parents who desire an excellent classical education for their scholar to apply, visit, or come to one of our upcoming parent information meetings to find out more about Optima Classical Academy at Gladiolus.

Erika Donalds headshot

Erika Donalds,

CEO and Executive Director