Welcome From Mr. Cutrer

Dear parents,  

Welcome to Optima Classical Academy where we hold dear the idea, championed by Samuel Johnson, that character is cultivated and enriched through the exploration of our rich cultural heritage. This principle lies at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to preserving and perpetuating over two millennia of tradition, encompassing literature, language, art, philosophy, history, and much more. 

Fundamentally, Optima Classical Academy focuses on proven classical instruction while utilizing digital augmentation. We understand that first and foremost, students need expert instruction. Our proven classical curriculum is built on timeless methods to create well-rounded, intelligent, and virtuous students. Starting in the third grade, we enhance their outstanding educational experience by integrating the incredible opportunities available in the digital realm. Students will embark on virtual field trips that complement their lessons, allowing them to witness events like the Battle of Marathon while simultaneously studying it in class. They’ll also have the chance to conduct science experiments in a whole new way.  

Drawing from my 18 years of teaching experience, I’ve had the privilege of studying across various educational landscapes in the US, Canada, England, Greece, Iceland, and Australia. With degrees in English, Classics, Medieval Literature, and Latin, my journey in academia has been diverse. Throughout my tenure at Classical schools, I’ve had the opportunity to instruct in grammar, literature, Latin, Greek, logic, rhetoric, and history. These experiences have given me firsthand insights into the profound strengths and advantages of a classical education, and I’m eager to contribute to the development of your children’s intellects.  

I am exceptionally proud of this curriculum we’ve designed at OCA and would love the opportunity to discuss it with you. Please consider joining us at one of our upcoming information meetings to delve deeper into our school and discover how Optima Classical Academy can be the ideal educational journey for your children. 



Robert Cutrer
Head of School, Optima Classical Academy Gladiolus 

“That man is little to be envied, whose patriotism would not gain force upon the plain of Marathon, or whose piety would not grow warmer in the ruins of Iona.” -Samuel Johnson